How is it possible to love someone so dearly in the beginning, only to have the connection disintegrate over time?


Why does it feel so damn hard to be understood by those who matter to you? Why does it seem like your intentions or behaviors are constantly misconstrued or maybe worse, criticized?


Maybe you chalk up this love lost to stressful circumstances: your job, the kids, money, even lifelong dreams that seem to have gone to seed. You might even blame yourself for a lot of what's happened. Maybe you blame your partner. The wheels of your relationship feels like they’re spinning, yet there’s no traction.


Man Up Therapy for Partners is a gender-tailored practice that allows you to express yourself and your needs for your relationship, in a respectful and non-judgmental way.

  • Communication problems

  • Arguing and fighting

  • Withdrawal or avoidance

  • Mistrust or lack of commitment

  • Irreconcilable differences

  • Lack of connection or presence

  • Infidelity or extra-marital affairs

  • Marital or relationship distress

  • Grief and loss

  • Boundary problems

  • Anger or violence

  • Coping with life transitions

  • Redundancy, employment & career change

  • Risky behavior

  • Partner mental health issues

  • Illness or physical problems

  • Money and debt issues

  • Sexual differences, boredom or incompatibility

  • Exccesive social media and/or pornography


Man Up Therapy for Partners extends typical relationship or couples therapy, by supporting gender specific themes that influence how men view themselves in their relationships and how they would like to be with their partner.


It offers positive ways to help men improve their relationships, without feeling like they are being forced to adopt non-masculine forms of expression and communication.


This is more than just helping men avoid dealing with the warm and fuzzy stuff - yeah all those emotions and feelings. It is an approach that respects gender diversity in order to deepen the bond between partners.


By providing a balanced, tailored approach to helping men and their partners, men are more likely to actively engage in therapy and develop new and meaningful ways of being with their partner.

  • Establishing deep trust in your relationship.

  • Feeling connected and understood.

  • Being inspired and free of resentments.

  • Meaningful intimacy and sexual expression.

  • Balancing relationship and individual needs.

  • Healing from past infidelity, affairs, and betrayal.

  • Financial freedom and abundance.

  • Moving beyond your divorce, break-up, or separation.

  • Resolving issues around substance abuse, impulse, and addiction.


Let's start by arranging a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation with you both. During this call, I'll ask you a couple of questions, including what challenges or problems you want to address or what you hope to achieve. We will also be able to discuss any questions or concerns you might have about engaging in psychotherapy.


If you decide to explore things further, we’ll arrange to meet for a single 90-minute consultation. During this consultation, I will attempt to best understand your needs while conducting a formal clinical assessment of the problem you're both experiencing. At the end of this conversation, I will offer you an initial plan of action. Most importantly, you will also be able to confirm whether you think I'm the right guy to help you.​

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