The Self Mastery for Men Group is a peer support group that focuses on a ‘whole health’ approach for the purpose of evolving personal resilience, well-being and, meaningful relationships for men.  


This unique group caters to men who are interested in exploring and evolving their own personal journey while honoring the physical, mental, relational, sexual, emotional, economic, legacy, and spiritual elements of manhood and masculinity.


The objective is to harness the collective insight and experiences of your male peers, constructing strategies that guide positive habits, behaviors, cognitions, and emotions. It also allows you to reclaim your experiences, rather than your experiences shaping you.


Men that undertake this journey describe a greater sense of purpose and meaning in their life, dramatically improved relationships with loved ones, friends and colleagues, and an increased ability to positively endure the challenges of life when things get rough.


Most importantly, those that participate in these group conversations quickly realize that they share common stories and experiences with their male peers and that they are not alone in their journey.

  • The development of new peer friendships and addressing the experience of isolation.

  • The opportunity to acquire new perspectives and insights

  • Practical solutions and strategies to everyday challenges.

  • Respectful, yet challenging support without the B.S.

  • Encouragement to be open and honest, without the fear of being shamed, embarrassed or criticized. 

  • The chance to examine and develop a deeper sense of one's self as a modern man.


The Self-Mastery for Men Group is based on a curriculum developed to allow you to authentically guide your thoughts, actions, and emotions to become empowered, resilient, and connected in a number of key domains of your life. 


Each group is limited to eight participants who meet every week for 90 minutes for 12 weeks.


Let's start with a quick phone consultation. If you decide to explore things further, we’ll arrange to meet for a single 50-minute consultation. During this consultation, I will attempt to best understand your needs and address any concerns you might have about joining the group. We will also explore how this group might help in establishing you a personalized goal.

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