Listen up, mates. There’s a critical skill that I recommend cultivating that will improve your chances of success and elevate your level of happiness and fulfillment.  Let’s dive right on into self-mastery.


Self-Mastery is a practice that allows you to authentically guide your thoughts, actions, and emotions to become empowered, resilient, and connected in all domains of your life. It’s more than just an attempt to develop good habits or adopt certain virtues – it’s a practical path for success that’s achieved by harnessing your core strengths, beliefs, principles, and values. It also allows you to reclaim your experiences, rather than your experiences shaping you. It’s a practice that helps us mold our reality.


Men who work on cultivating this skill report a greater sense of purpose and meaning in their lives, improved relationships, and an increased endurance for life’s challenges. They also find they are no longer derailed by feelings, urges, circumstances, or unwanted behaviors. Self-mastery can positively impact emotion, expression, spirituality, faith, intellect, wisdom, physical well-being, intimacy, sexuality, occupation, money, purpose, intention, and so much more.  


We live in a world where we don’t always have control of what is happening around us.  Sometimes, things happen to us that are out of our control. Developing the skill of self-mastery will assist us in having control over how we react to these events. So, what changes?  We do.


Possessing the skill of self-mastery is instrumental in today’s digital world where we can easily become distracted and detained by constant phone and email interruptions. Men who do not possess self-mastery often find that much of their daily life is reactive, rather than proactive. If we allow ourselves to be derailed every day, we’re not going to meet our personal goals to achieve success. Our success is determined by the culmination of our daily habits.


Makes sense, right? So how do we get started?


We start by becoming more aware. Begin by being mindful of your internal dialogue, your interpretation or perspective of things, by identifying and eliminating obstacles or distractions, by being focused on the present moment, and not allowing your thoughts to get carried away by worry. Change and uncertainty are inevitable in life, we know this. To navigate them effectively, we must set aside our fears – they’re simply an obstacle to success.


It’s paramount to have control over our feelings and thoughts, because all actions originate from thought. Thoughts and habits are the foundation of everything we do. It’s also critical to realize that perceptions can be flawed – and erroneous perceptions are often the culprit of unnecessary stress and conflict.     


I like to think of self-mastery as a life-long practice based on the foundations of mindfulness and meditation. How we respond to life’s challenges provides us with clues as to how far along our self-mastery has evolved.  As we progress, we will feel more peaceful and at ease.


Developing the skill of self-mastery will assist you in handling life’s challenges and changes with more clarity and empower you to take charge of your destiny.  If you’re not currently in charge of your thoughts, actions, and destiny, who is? And why wouldn’t you want to be the one calling the shots?


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