Whether it’s a social group, a clan, a family or a gathering of likeminded souls, we all belong to a tribe. As a member of a tribe, it’s important that you feel valued and respected. To have a defined place within a tribe is vital to experience a sense of safety, belonging, and growth.


Yet, with all the internal and external pressure placed on our tribes nowadays, it is no surprise that many of them break down. Tribes are constantly left feeling stressed and judged. Maybe you struggle to express your voice, or find your sense of belonging. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t connect with them without an argument erupting.


Man Up Therapy for Tribes recognizes that your tribe is unique. It emphasizes the importance of creating the conditions for support, growth, and cohesiveness, while exploring practical ways to effectively resolve the trials and tribulations that a tribe might encounter. Helping tribes and their members experience meaningful and balanced connections with each other is vital for our long- term health and well-being.

  • Conflict or lack of resolution

  • Breakdown in communication

  • Different needs or agendas

  • Collaborating, supporting or working together

  • Creating meaningful connections

  • Negotiating stress or change

  • Merging or blending tribes

  • Feeling excluded or ignored

  • Feeling engulfed or smothered

  • Navigating lifestyle or life transitions

  • Coping with stress or uncertainty

  • Bereavement, loss, or grief

  • Collusion, unfairness, or disparity

  • Supporting others with illness

  • Accepting or forgiving others

  • Unwanted behaviors or violence


Man Up Therapy for Tribes is a gender-tailored family therapy practice that allows men and their tribal members (i.e. parents, siblings, children, spouse, friends, and work colleagues) to collectively address specific problems that occur in a non-judgmental and equitable way.


Man Up Therapy for Tribes supports men by recognizing how masculine social and cultural themes influence how tribes are formed and how they function. It provides positive ways for men and other tribal members to connect, interact, communicate and support each other, while fostering the entity of the tribe itself.


This service aims to provide a renewed sense of value, identity, and inclusiveness within the tribe that you identify with.

  • Supporting each other through life’s significant and challenging moments

  • Learning to create a safe environment that fosters open and honest communication

  • Creating an environment which fosters individual growth and development

  • Forming loving connections between parents, children, and other tribal members

  • Creating conditions of respect, tolerance, and acceptance of colleagues and friends

  • Finding ways to accept and forgive each other when things don’t feel right

  • Creating healthy ways to cope with stress or conflict

  • Feeling in control of your tribe’s future and its legacy


Let's start by arranging a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation. During this call, I'll ask you a couple of questions, including what challenges or problems you want to address or what you hope to achieve. We will also be able to discuss any questions or concerns you might have about engaging in psychotherapy.


If you decide to explore things further, we'll gather your tribe and meet for a 90-minute consultation. This includes the whole crew - yes, that includes Grandma, if she's willing to join in on the fun. During this consultation, I will attempt to best understand your needs while conducting a formal clinical assessment of the problem you're experiencing. At the end of this conversation, I will recommend an initial plan of action. Most importantly, you will also be able to confirm whether you think I'm the right guy to help you. ​

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